Work with perpetrators of domestic abuse

Violence and abuse in intimate relationships is a frequent and wide ranging problem.  It is also a problem which can continue over long periods of time.  

There are times when abusive partners want to change but are not sure how to go about it.

The first part of change is acknowledging and taking responsibility for your violent behaviour.  If you are reading this you may already be at the stage where you may be doing this and want to look further into getting help .   

Over the past few years I have worked extensively with perpetrators of domestic abuse. I am aware of the principles laid down by Respect for this work and adhere to these principles and beliefs. The therapeutic programs of work are often for a specific number of sessions and the material covered in these sessions is laid out in advance.  

Some of the things we look at include strategies for recognising triggers for abusive behaviour,  practical ways to stop abusive behaviour, as well as challenging beliefs and strategies that maintain violence and abuse.

This work can often be complex and challenging as a therapeutic undertaking.  While the programs have specific parts to them they can be tailored to fit different situations.  
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Russell Dicks - M.A in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, M.A. Social Work
Certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) therapist.